06 September, 2009

Je suis tres desole!

A sample of my works for sale. You can find them on Etsy

I have seemed to lose a sense of time, I realise this now as I notice I haven't updated this blog for well over a month! Whoopsy.

I have been a little busy, preparing for my much anticipated short trip to France/Italy, from late September. It will be beautiful, Autumn weather {my favourite- how lucky am I to experience two Autumns in one year}.
I will get to experience all the beloved and awe-inspiring classical artworks that I have poured over throughout my youth. I will see the Visual Arts at the Venice Biennial. I will venture the lane ways to find handmade artifacts; stumble down uneven, cobbled paths that will lead to a deli, a boulangerie, and patisserie. I will clamber up never ending staircases with luggage on back, awaiting the floor of my own room. I will be among the hum of European culture, and hope to feel not so much like a tourist, but a temporary local! I have, perhaps been day-dreaming about this trip for far too long.

I have also been busy, at work in my new job at Spacecraft! What a dream.

My paper urchin necklaces have scored themselves a little bit of publicity at the moment.

- Featured in The Age, just over a week ago now.
- Craft Hatch Melbourne Writers Festival Market- Thanks Kim!