29 October, 2008

feeling bookish

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I'm making book sculptures for the MINE Christmas window. So far, I've made about six, but have been op-shopping for more. Some days you have the bug for op-shopping, and other days you don't... I had a not-so-successful day yesterday. Venturing to three different op's and not so much as an old children's book in sight!
This beauty is a find my friend came across, and picked up just for me {very kind}. It's a publication from the seventies, and originally published in French. There is some incredible information within the pages, but I adore the pictures.
Happy "hump" day.

14 October, 2008

Combing the Fringe

As you may know, I collaborated with Darlington Garage for this years just recently concluded Melbourne Fringe Festival. I contributed a family of hanging paper spheres..... and this component won a FRINGE AWARD!!!!! With the aid of substantial funding I have been offered the opportunity to re-create the installation for this years Falls Festival in Lorne. The work will be installed perhaps as a set for the bands, or maybe spread through-out the forest {this idea I'm particularly fond of!}..... What a wonderful thrill!
I'll show you MINE

13 October, 2008

Watching over me day and night

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Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison aka HAMMER&DAISY are installing their work into MINE's window space for their upcoming exhibition "Watching over me day and night".
Come to MINE for our opening night, Wednesday the 15th from 6pm-8pm at 5/540 Mt Dandenong Tourist Road Olinda, VIC. There'll be homemade lemonade!

07 October, 2008

Darlington Garage Presents.....

Here are some images of what you would perhaps catch an eye-full of if you could come and see it....

"Darlington Garage Presents" a showcase of hybrid art, collaborating between actors, dancers, and performance-artists, media and sound artists, musicians, film-makers, photographers and installation artists. And robots.

But just what and who is Darlington Garage?
Well, aside from being a spider-infested shed out the back of dubious shared accommodation, Darlington Garage is a group of emerging artists from various backgrounds and areas of expertise who pool their collective creative resource in the formation production and performance of multi-discipline, multi-medium and multi-faceted pieces.

The works are disparate, but the themes are surprisingly concise and unified, centring around the essential human question: Who am I? Framed in the literal, the figurative, the historical and the surreal, often in the same work, the quest for identity, self and surety, in a rapidly changing world is a crucial part of the artists' work. Being emerging artists, breaking free of the chrysalis of teenage life, tertiary education, feeling the cold wind of the real world blowing for the first time, this search for a self-identity that will stand the test of time, and the tides of ones own mind is immediate, pressing, and also deeply rich soil for creative seeds to grow.

Featuring the critically acclaimed Absolute Necessity, Balls as seen in the Emerging Writers Festival 2008 and several new works across an array of artistic mediums, this is a night full of fun and frivolity that will keep you thoroughly entertained.

AT The Brunswick Street Gallery, Level 2 - 322 Brunswick St, Fitzroy Friday 3rd October through to Thursday 9th October (excluding Tuesday 7th October) from 8pm till 10pm.