29 October, 2008

feeling bookish

{for a very bizarre reason, I cannot change the polarised look of this image}

{click on the image for a closer inspection}

{this one too!}

I'm making book sculptures for the MINE Christmas window. So far, I've made about six, but have been op-shopping for more. Some days you have the bug for op-shopping, and other days you don't... I had a not-so-successful day yesterday. Venturing to three different op's and not so much as an old children's book in sight!
This beauty is a find my friend came across, and picked up just for me {very kind}. It's a publication from the seventies, and originally published in French. There is some incredible information within the pages, but I adore the pictures.
Happy "hump" day.

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louise said...

What a beauty indeed... fantastic illustrations. Glad to hear that the book sculptures are coming along. xo lj