19 November, 2009


It was wonderful!! But it's equally nice to be back in the swing of things.
Le Petit Atelier De Paris

06 September, 2009

Je suis tres desole!

A sample of my works for sale. You can find them on Etsy

I have seemed to lose a sense of time, I realise this now as I notice I haven't updated this blog for well over a month! Whoopsy.

I have been a little busy, preparing for my much anticipated short trip to France/Italy, from late September. It will be beautiful, Autumn weather {my favourite- how lucky am I to experience two Autumns in one year}.
I will get to experience all the beloved and awe-inspiring classical artworks that I have poured over throughout my youth. I will see the Visual Arts at the Venice Biennial. I will venture the lane ways to find handmade artifacts; stumble down uneven, cobbled paths that will lead to a deli, a boulangerie, and patisserie. I will clamber up never ending staircases with luggage on back, awaiting the floor of my own room. I will be among the hum of European culture, and hope to feel not so much like a tourist, but a temporary local! I have, perhaps been day-dreaming about this trip for far too long.

I have also been busy, at work in my new job at Spacecraft! What a dream.

My paper urchin necklaces have scored themselves a little bit of publicity at the moment.

- Featured in The Age, just over a week ago now.
- Craft Hatch Melbourne Writers Festival Market- Thanks Kim!

11 July, 2009

good day

Reminiscing over captured moments from a wonderful day, passed.

Good News... and possible braggings:

I've recently been involved in the TRASHED! recycled market at the Corner Hotel, Richmond selling my paper jewellery, and hope to do it again on the 9th of August.

A feature on my paper jewellery is to be published in the newest edition of Handmade in Melbourne, due for release in August.

I was interviewed for my paper jewellery work on Craft Victoria's blog CLOG

09 May, 2009

soft sculpture

My contribution from a 'flash show' at KINGS gallery, held 'in a flash' at the beginning of the week.

02 May, 2009


I've moved- fairly smoothly, and I've had a birthday {quarter of a century old!}. We celebrated both causes for a party in one weekend, merrily with both gorgeous friends and family. {when the weather is a little kinder I intend to capture the apartment along with the cityscape, neighbouring rooftops, treetops and bay views from the rooftop balcony}. I feel very lucky with our find, incredibly cosmopolitan, and a little bit "secret-life-of-us-esque".

17 April, 2009

out of the loop

I've been totally absorbed in moving house and preparing for exhibitions that I have entirely neglected the blogger world... Oops!
A new abode in Elwood leads to quick walks to the bay, rooftop views, and a much closer main street for shopping and eating. A good move I say! There will be more images and possibly complaints as I move through from this evening across the weekend.I've taken over the front window at the children's store I manage, MINE. My exhibition, The Story Which Must Be TOLD is a venture of finger puppets, and paper scenery alike, with an accompanying zine {with a hand-screenprinted cover}. There is a looping digital animation of an Autumn tree taking residence in the window, and origami folded whales gracefully swim and scoop under and over cardboard waves and stuffed calico clouds, that remind one of kipfler potatoes. The centre of all the attention lies with the puppets, however. With an illustration printed upon their stuffed beings, or being adorned in delicate handpainted or handthreaded features, may these little characters swoon your heart away! Have a wander over to MINE's blog to see a few more pictures of my window installation. I'm yet to take some images when it's the evening {I imagine they would in their night time discretion organise their own performances!}.

24 February, 2009

little things

Wow! Yesterday was a little hairy in my neck of the woods. My home-town was under threat from a bushfire running along the back of a close friend's farm and Birdsland Reserve.

Today was a little more subdued. A much needed trip to the op shop was rewarded with a couple of old books.
One gem was an old 50's Chinese Communist propaganda publication {I'm baffled why it was printed in English}.

The other book was The collected works of William Shakespeare with beautiful illustrations,which will be made into a book sculpture for a recent order.

When flipping through Shakespeare collected works, I found a perfectly pressed maple leaf. How long it's been left in the novel, I don't know, but it's inscription suggests a time after the 80's.

{It was rumoured in the op shop that a $1 note was also found, pressed in the collected works, but taken before I got to it.}

14 February, 2009

distractions from the disaster

It's been one of the worst weeks ever for Victoria. I have been completely overwhelmed from the tragic outcomes of our recent bushfires- too emotional, and utterly lost for words.... for that reason I've been avoiding the blogging world. Nevertheless, other people have been very informative, and respectful in their reactions to this disaster.

In times like this it's important to, as well as grieve for innocent people's losses, remember the positive and triumphant actions of us "Aussies" {and support from around the globe}, helping those in desperate need. I think this support towards to the survivors has been remarkably uplifting, and it has reminded me that we do keep moving forward and by projecting a love for one another, someone's life can eventually get back on track. I think this is truly wonderful.

So I decided to focus this blog on a sense of love and positivity. And, yes, Valentines day was yesterday- so what better time?

- how to make a throbbing origami heart.

I made one and attached it to my lapel yesterday-it's free and fun! I'm saving pennies {and notes} to donate money to the bushfire appeal

Take care,

30 January, 2009

I'm rising early, trying to beat the sun

{Here are some images captured in the morning light, while it's still usually below 35 degrees celsius}.

It seems that I fantasise about another season only in Summer. Come on, Autumn, and with you bring your crisp air, tickling sunlight, and brightly toned deciduous leaves.

I'm eating refrigerated apples to cool my gums.
I'm sleeping on a deflated lilo in the tent in the backyard {which admittedly does have a degree of wonder as I get to look at the stars, and contemplate my minimal presence in this universe}.
I'm sticking my head in the fridge, convincing myself that I'm looking for something other than some respite from the heat.

The cool change is expected tonight between 5 and 8. Yippee!

25 January, 2009

I wish

My digital camera has run out of batteries.... and the lens is still open! I've taken some photos on my good ol' SLR but for the same reason as I can't afford more batteries, I can't afford to develop my roll of film.

I thought this post very appropriate to express how far I am from obtaining more possessions in my life at the moment.

Have a peak at this Gorgeous pocket sized squirrel gal from Melabo.

Also.... If you're in Melbourne, please please please venture to ACCA for the most amazing and beautiful experience so far this year. {Have I pumped it up too much?} Gerda Steiner and Jorg Lenzlinger, a Swiss collaborative duo, have made a poignantly poetic and very environmentally conscious piece based on Victoria's drought. AMAZING! I was thinking they could make a piece for me one day...... ha!
The Vegetative Nervous System
museum kunst palast Düsseldorf, since 2006
This image is not of what's on in Melbourne, and has been pinched from their website, so full credits to them.

07 January, 2009

welcoming 2009

I've been long absent- so....MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope much merriment was had by one and all.
Mine was a very busy but very wonderful Christmas, filled with multiple family gatherings and feasts! Boxing day was Chris's birthday, so all over again {but this time at our home} was the smorgasbord had.

Along with Chris {acting as an amazing collaborator} and myself, many family members and friends helped create The Sphere Project, an installation work consisting of 100 various-sized calico spheres, with eight fins each, a wire skelteton and decorative/functional stitching. This project has been in the planning since October/November, when I won an award from the Fringe Festival and Funding from the Falls Festival to create and install an artwork for the Falls Music and Arts Festival in Lorne over New Years.
It was a crazy, hectic period of time, a great experience and a nice little pocket of exposure.... but gee, I'm glad it's over.

This list is a big shout-out of thanks. THANK-YOU: Penny Arvanitakis and Isaac Webb, Karen, Terry and Taylor Dyson, Jenny Detez and Gordon McVicor, Kali Bateman, Natalie Hawken, Nicola Crowle and Darlington Garage, The Age Melbourne Fringe Festival, The Falls Festival, and CHRIS BLOMLEY!!!!!!
Your efforts and support have been incredibly valuable and so very much appreciated. We wouldn't have achieved the outcome without you- CHEERS!