14 February, 2009

distractions from the disaster

It's been one of the worst weeks ever for Victoria. I have been completely overwhelmed from the tragic outcomes of our recent bushfires- too emotional, and utterly lost for words.... for that reason I've been avoiding the blogging world. Nevertheless, other people have been very informative, and respectful in their reactions to this disaster.

In times like this it's important to, as well as grieve for innocent people's losses, remember the positive and triumphant actions of us "Aussies" {and support from around the globe}, helping those in desperate need. I think this support towards to the survivors has been remarkably uplifting, and it has reminded me that we do keep moving forward and by projecting a love for one another, someone's life can eventually get back on track. I think this is truly wonderful.

So I decided to focus this blog on a sense of love and positivity. And, yes, Valentines day was yesterday- so what better time?

- how to make a throbbing origami heart.

I made one and attached it to my lapel yesterday-it's free and fun! I'm saving pennies {and notes} to donate money to the bushfire appeal

Take care,

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gracia said...

That paper heart is adorable...