30 January, 2009

I'm rising early, trying to beat the sun

{Here are some images captured in the morning light, while it's still usually below 35 degrees celsius}.

It seems that I fantasise about another season only in Summer. Come on, Autumn, and with you bring your crisp air, tickling sunlight, and brightly toned deciduous leaves.

I'm eating refrigerated apples to cool my gums.
I'm sleeping on a deflated lilo in the tent in the backyard {which admittedly does have a degree of wonder as I get to look at the stars, and contemplate my minimal presence in this universe}.
I'm sticking my head in the fridge, convincing myself that I'm looking for something other than some respite from the heat.

The cool change is expected tonight between 5 and 8. Yippee!

1 comment:

lj said...

I'm not a big fan of those heat waves either, though sleeping in the garden does sound fantastic. Ours has too many spiders living in it, I'd be too scared.