07 January, 2009

welcoming 2009

I've been long absent- so....MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope much merriment was had by one and all.
Mine was a very busy but very wonderful Christmas, filled with multiple family gatherings and feasts! Boxing day was Chris's birthday, so all over again {but this time at our home} was the smorgasbord had.

Along with Chris {acting as an amazing collaborator} and myself, many family members and friends helped create The Sphere Project, an installation work consisting of 100 various-sized calico spheres, with eight fins each, a wire skelteton and decorative/functional stitching. This project has been in the planning since October/November, when I won an award from the Fringe Festival and Funding from the Falls Festival to create and install an artwork for the Falls Music and Arts Festival in Lorne over New Years.
It was a crazy, hectic period of time, a great experience and a nice little pocket of exposure.... but gee, I'm glad it's over.

This list is a big shout-out of thanks. THANK-YOU: Penny Arvanitakis and Isaac Webb, Karen, Terry and Taylor Dyson, Jenny Detez and Gordon McVicor, Kali Bateman, Natalie Hawken, Nicola Crowle and Darlington Garage, The Age Melbourne Fringe Festival, The Falls Festival, and CHRIS BLOMLEY!!!!!!
Your efforts and support have been incredibly valuable and so very much appreciated. We wouldn't have achieved the outcome without you- CHEERS!

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louise said...

Happy new year to you too, Brydie. What a wonderful way to start of 09 with this fantastic installation of yours. It must surely be a sign of more great things to come. xo lj