08 December, 2008

needa learn howda knit like dis

Just a quick one.....

this is possibly one of the best things done with needles and yarn to date!

I promise to give you a more thorough update on my BIG project soon, hopefully this flyer image will be sufficient for now ...... good news- I'm up to 60 spheres so far, only 90 to go!


gracia said...

How pretty that small intestine looks on that link followed... g xo

Brydie Dyson and MINE said...

I know... all those delicious pinks! Perhaps delicious is not quite the word....oops! B xo

gracia said...

Hey there B,

Hope 2009 is treating you exceedingly well... and your dear ones too.

hugs, grache xx

Brydie Dyson and MINE said...

Thanks Grache!
2009 has been great so far..... a little busy and moving very fast, but there are a few little tinkerings on the horizon {including, among others, a new zine!} How has your summer served you so far? Hope both you and LJ are doing well. Hello to Elaine from me too