25 January, 2009

I wish

My digital camera has run out of batteries.... and the lens is still open! I've taken some photos on my good ol' SLR but for the same reason as I can't afford more batteries, I can't afford to develop my roll of film.

I thought this post very appropriate to express how far I am from obtaining more possessions in my life at the moment.

Have a peak at this Gorgeous pocket sized squirrel gal from Melabo.

Also.... If you're in Melbourne, please please please venture to ACCA for the most amazing and beautiful experience so far this year. {Have I pumped it up too much?} Gerda Steiner and Jorg Lenzlinger, a Swiss collaborative duo, have made a poignantly poetic and very environmentally conscious piece based on Victoria's drought. AMAZING! I was thinking they could make a piece for me one day...... ha!
The Vegetative Nervous System
museum kunst palast Düsseldorf, since 2006
This image is not of what's on in Melbourne, and has been pinched from their website, so full credits to them.


gracia said...

I cannot wait to get to that exhibition, B. It has been on my Must See list for some time now. Eep!

g xo

louise said...

I'm looking forward to seeing it too. Maybe next week once this heat wave has passed. It's far, far to hot to wander across to the ACCA today. Hope you've been able to get some batteries. Not being able to afford these little necessities is a drag... I know the feeling well.