24 February, 2009

little things

Wow! Yesterday was a little hairy in my neck of the woods. My home-town was under threat from a bushfire running along the back of a close friend's farm and Birdsland Reserve.

Today was a little more subdued. A much needed trip to the op shop was rewarded with a couple of old books.
One gem was an old 50's Chinese Communist propaganda publication {I'm baffled why it was printed in English}.

The other book was The collected works of William Shakespeare with beautiful illustrations,which will be made into a book sculpture for a recent order.

When flipping through Shakespeare collected works, I found a perfectly pressed maple leaf. How long it's been left in the novel, I don't know, but it's inscription suggests a time after the 80's.

{It was rumoured in the op shop that a $1 note was also found, pressed in the collected works, but taken before I got to it.}


Mohamed Meabed said...

verrrrrrry nice

The taste of the high art of Ravi
visit my blog if you have time

Brydie Dyson and MINE said...

Thanks Mohamed,
I had a look at your blog. Interesting.... although I obviously couldn't understand anything else except the English posts.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

handmadelife said...

there's something incredibly poetic in finding a dried pressed leaf in an old book in an op-shop in the midst of all this burning bush... what a beautiful find.
hope you're well and safe.