11 July, 2009

good day

Reminiscing over captured moments from a wonderful day, passed.

Good News... and possible braggings:

I've recently been involved in the TRASHED! recycled market at the Corner Hotel, Richmond selling my paper jewellery, and hope to do it again on the 9th of August.

A feature on my paper jewellery is to be published in the newest edition of Handmade in Melbourne, due for release in August.

I was interviewed for my paper jewellery work on Craft Victoria's blog CLOG


gracia said...

Much good news indeed and I neglected to mention earlier that I enjoyed your CV interview.

Congrats to you and stay warm and toasty, g xo

Brydie Dyson and MINE said...

Thank you very much, G.
It has been somewhat warmer as of late, which has been equally as enjoyable as the cosy cold.
Take care now!