02 May, 2009


I've moved- fairly smoothly, and I've had a birthday {quarter of a century old!}. We celebrated both causes for a party in one weekend, merrily with both gorgeous friends and family. {when the weather is a little kinder I intend to capture the apartment along with the cityscape, neighbouring rooftops, treetops and bay views from the rooftop balcony}. I feel very lucky with our find, incredibly cosmopolitan, and a little bit "secret-life-of-us-esque".


louise said...

Happy birthday Brydie. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time in your new abode.

gracia said...

Wishing you belated birthday cheer, Brydie... and I like the look of your new home. Looking forward to seeing a little more of your new pocket of the world, sunshine permitting.

Brydie Dyson and MINE said...

Thank you lovely girls for your kind wishes.
Good luck with your approaching exhibition!! {very exciting!} xo