19 March, 2008

paper me paper you

Contour Line {copyright} paper earrings for sale. Delicate and Intricate layers of alternatively textured papers, with perforations. Silver-plated earring hooks, presented to you in a warm cream-coloured seed pocket. $15 a pair.
In a special spontaneous giveaway a pair will be free to the lucky person who gets drawn out of the hat. Leave your email so I can collect the postal address if you are the winner.


louise said...

Oh, Brydie, they're lovely. xo lj

Brydie Dyson said...

hehe... thanks LJ. I feel a little out of the blogging loop, as you can see you're my first comment, so I'm guessing, that you're the lucky winner of a pair of earrings! Are your ears pierced?
I'll send them your way xx

gracia said...

How wonderful! Louise (who, incidentally, does have pierced ears, as of late last year) will love wearing these. They look beautiful, Brydie.

And I am so happy to hear that Little Oskari was earmarked for you as an early birthday treat. You are sure to give him a good home. He is a ripper, no? That little red heart and those whiskers!

Happy Birthday!
cheers, g xo

louise said...

Hey there Brydie, Lucky, lucky me. I'll wear them with much joy! xo lj PS I too am glad Oscari found his way to you... Happy birthday by the way.

gracia said...

Hi there Brydie,

They've arrived! They've arrived! They're just beautiful. I can't wait to wear them, though I'm waiting for the right event. I'm thinking drinks with a close friend next week. I think Gracia has plans to wear your brooch on her black jacket, so that your work receives the contrast it deserves.

In the works of Charlie Chan... "Thank-you so much".

xo lj

PS I'll post a few photos of your beauties later today... if all goes well.

louise said...

Hi again, that last comment was from me, not Gracia. I've obviously pressed a wrong button somewhere. xo lj

Brydie Dyson said...

Hey there Louise and Gracia! So glad to hear they got to you all dry and non-crimpled.
I look forward to hearing about how they go on an outing!
Brydie xx

onĂ­rica said...

Beautiful earings very friendly!