28 August, 2008


At MINE- the children's store I work at- Elaine Haby is soon to be exhibiting in our front window. Please do come and visit us, or peek through the window at her sensational "Thelma's" Stuffies and brand new Belgian Linen tote bags.

Here is her artist's statement
"Some come with buttons for noses and others sport stripes on their stumpy tails. Some have small pockets filled with tiny red felt hearts and others have ears that flop from left to right. Some are rotund and others are lean, and some come with lips that are wide and arms wider still. Differences, quirks and individual mannerisms aside, all stuffed creatures are made completely by hand with a full percentage of love by Elaine Haby (who masquerades, with her foot on the peddle of her sewing machine and a pin in her mouth, under the name Thelma).
These are her things handmade especially for you, a host of stuffed creatures and roomy tote bags fashioned from Belgian linen. A recent addition to her handmade parade, her tote bags are large enough to house a stuffed companion alongside a favourite read. Lined and double-stitched for good measure, they ought to afford a grin."

MINE- Kids in Olinda
5/540 Mt Dandenong Tourist Road, Olinda, Victoria.

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Mary-Laure said...

They are great, really! I love your menagerie...