16 September, 2008

paper urchins

Some new work I've been playing with. Yet to be strung on their own length of yarn.

I've defined them as urchins, as the humble sea-urchin shares its resemblance.

sea-urchin noun
any of a group of spiny, marine animals with a spheric shape and a shell made up of many calcareous discs.
{Michael Holland, Heinemann Australian Dictionary fifth edition, Rigby Heinemann, Reed International Books Australia, Port Melbourne, Victoria, pp 996.}


made by maude said...

These are gorgeous! Love the contrast of the loopy thread to the paper. Delicate and tough, busy and still. Very nice. - maude

louise said...

They're looking great Brydie. I find urchins so very inspiring. xo lj

Brydie Dyson said...

Thank you ladies! Your compliments are humbly accepted.
You can spot some rolling about at "Heaton & May" in Olinda.
Urchins, and all sea skeletons are so very beautiful.
Cheers xx

Mary-Laure said...

I love these, they are so original and playful!

Brydie Dyson said...

Thankyou mary-laure.
I checked out your blog the other day, so very lovely. And your description of your cultural background is amazing! What an upbringing!

elaine haby said...

These are great, Brydie. You're a whizz with paper! e xx

porter hovey said...

What a lovely project. Very cool!!

Brydie Dyson said...

Thankyou Elaine, thankyou "porter hovey"....
oh! I think this is the most amount of blog comments i've received.... ever!
Take care xx