09 November, 2010

Peg is 40!

New developments occurring for my research. The topic has shifted it's focus:

Peg is 40! questions place, personal and communal identity, and language.
By appropriating the text taken from a graffitied inscription on a bridge, and through story telling, the work explores the effect of the text upon the community inhabiting the surrounds of the site.

The work responds to the sense of place that is “Peg is 40!”, and focuses on addressing memory and identification (both personal and communal), as well as myth-making within local place through an engagement with appropriating the text, and exploring the language and landmark, as well as the surroundings of “Peg is 40!”

The project aims to encourage a dynamic engagement from viewers by challenging the semiotics of words and presenting an ambiguity in meaning for the text of the inscription, when abstracted from a definitive setting.

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