28 October, 2007

shiny and new

hello.... this is my brand new blog, something I told myself I would get around to organising a long time ago. You will probably see a few major adjustments occuring in my next few posts. This innitial one is really just to make sure that it's running smoothly. I've just completed my Honours year thesis for University { phew } and I immidiately wanted to begin a new project. Hope this little blog becomes enjoyable for you. LOVE


Anonymous said...

Hi Brydie, I love your blog. You are so interesting and I am very excited to read everything on this blog.

Dyson's Blog said...

Thanks Dad, your encouragement is much appreciated

Anonymous said...

hi Brydie Shae shae, I think your blog is beautiful and I will visit it again, perhaps one day I'll have a blog but I think I'd rather put a music myspace together, one day. Thanks for teaching me cranes, of the paper variety....now fly free little wings, fly and be on parade in the sky, all will be inspired and uplifted by your journey into heavenly realms.... love anonymous penelope