31 October, 2007

Ticking the List

I certainly have achieved many scribbled objectives from my to-do-list this week:

I HANDED IN MY THESIS! Which was a testing moment for me... as I dropped the bulky load into the hands of a lecturer, a deeply embedded sob released itself from my gut. It was almost like giving up a new born baby. I'd been creating this for 9 months!

A timely morning catchup with my old time best friend, N, from way back in kindergarten. Her glamorous stories of being wisked away to France, Germany, Greece, and Italy. N lovingly retold her historical voyage and cultural musings in the sweltering heat of a dirty Rome, a beautiful Florence, and a wet Venice {for more reasons than one, it happened to be her only day in Italy with rain}.

A sense of satisfaction from much determined house cleaning, and experienced absolute awe over the amount of cat hairs vacuumed up from the couch she's claimed as her own.

Choosing which roses to pick from either my garden, or the neighbours, whose shrubs, I glimpsed, were overhanging the footpath.

Listening to the battle of sounds between the deafening choir of cicadas, and the dated tunes of Carol King's "Tapestry", that somehow reminds me of my mum's saturday night music selections during her pre-spaghetti bolognaise dinner preparations.

Following this, a wonderful dinner with a large group of not-quite family {all previous empolyees/ers or partners/children of an old beautiful workplace}. We said goodbye this time to M and then B who are off to Florence themselves to not only enjoy the cultural difference from Melbourne, but to relish themselves in music theory, and performance, in the glorious home of meatballs {Although I think M & B would prefer to eat something non-animal}.

I caught up with {a different} N for lunch in Richmond, before leaving him and scooting up to catch Jennifer Bartholomew's "Digitally Enhanced" at Craft Victoria for the { now quite concluded } Melbourne International Arts Festival; and The Installation of "Riceboy Sleeps" at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces. I stopped in at Max Watts INDUSTRIA on the way home, to find myself purchasing an old "Concise Oxford Atlas" to begin cutting out for my c o n t o u r l i n e s necklace line.

As it is still only Thursday, my plans for tomorrow remain as yet, incomplete. However, I very much intend on seeing a couple of friends at 11am, an then the remainder of the day has been left blank on my list. I could read more of my enthralling Bronte novel, "Wuthering Heights", or begin preparing my necklaces. I could also visit my mum, my friend P, or do some weeding in the garden. These are some of my ideas, but what do you think???
Until next time, { LOVE }

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