02 December, 2007

The Fold of the Paper Crane

It has been over a fortnight since I last left my mark on this page. Many apologies for my tardiness. I have been a busy bee however, in preparation for my next installation art display which will feature in a show called Absolute Necessity, that will be performed along with three other incredibly contemporary events at a HUGE week of nights for the creative collective of us who like to be referred to as Darlington Garage.

Please check it out! 8pm on Friday the 7th December through to Thursday the 13th of December {BUT EXCLUDING MONDAY NIGHT} at the Brunswick Street Gallery, on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. Tickets are $10, there will be a bar open too. For tickets phone Clio on 0401 760 691.

For AbNec I have, after swiftly learning the basics of origami, been making a countless amount of paper cranes, hoarding pillows of duck feathers, and collecting branches to wrap and string vessels from.

I've had many helping hands learning the folds of the paper crane and adding their crafts to the looming mountain of {only recycled} paper. Thank you to Penny, Clio, Bazil, Ross, Nicky, Lou, Krista and those who I may yet still ask...THANKS.

To those in Melbourne today, enjoy the cool change. I'm back to more folding.


louise said...

Hope everything goes brilliantly over the next week for you. xo lj

gracia said...

Hi there Brydie,
Sending you belated and warm blog wishes... your new and shiny space is a wonder.
see you, g xo

Brydie Dyson said...

Thankyou g & lj.... Your comments are a nice reminder that perhaps people out there are looking at my little blog.
I hope you both have a wonderful Christmas and New Year... I have a feeling I won't get another chance to type to you.
By the way, as I was lugging my installation works up the flight of stairs and into the back storage space at Brunswick street Gallery, i couldn't help but cast my eyes upon a familiar name. Elaine Haby's works were poking out from the sides of the walls, like impressive books lined up in a library. They looked lovely. And Mimmy {I think} the white gallery cat has given birth to a litter of 3 kittens. Take Care, speak soon xx

gracia said...

Thanks, Brydie... and to you as well. May your Christmas be a relaxing and jolly one (all at the one time).

I'll pass on your compliments to my Mum, also. She'll be thrilled to hear it.

3 kittens! Oh, my!

see you, g xo

krista said...


your blog is lovely.