21 December, 2007

make the yuletide gay

Well, I apologise for a much belated and due post. Busy it seems I have been, but as I ask, "what exists to show for my distractions?", I cannot seem to find an answer.
The hybrid arts performance/installation was had, all good and well. Many a paper crane was tossed about, stood upon, and blown with the duck feathers across the creaking wooden floorboards of the Brunswick Street gallery as a body would brush past. The twigs and their hanging glass vessels swung, and cast their incredible shadows upon the crisp white walls of the gallery space.

Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong have been singing to me as I collate and wrap my {close to} final gifts for family members..... my parents, siblings, my partner, and his parents, siblings, step-parents, and step-siblings.... oh, so many people to enjoy the holiday season with.

May everyone have an incredible Christmas and New Year!


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louise said...

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and little holiday break too. Looking forward to seeing all your creations in 2008. xo lj