08 February, 2008

Pippa May Cook

Here is my friends new cafe and produce store. She makes everything herself, even the tops on display, and many of the adorable aprons we wear.
Check it out: Pippa May Cook 719 High Street, Thornbury, Victoria.



david santos said...

Hi Brydie
A beautiful place here!
Excellent post! You are Master.
Thank you.
have a good day

Brydie Dyson said...

Thanks David,
I really appreciate the lovely comments. How did you find me? Through links associated with me?
Hope you are well.
Cheers, Brydie.

Amy said...

I ate breakfast here with a friend the other morning and found the food to be excellent, as well as the service and the menu was enticing. I loved how child friendly it was, with the simple dress-up and play station. This is a favorite nook of mine already and I want to try the ginger and rhubarb syryps sometime. I hope your business booms and zooms! xo Amy

Brydie Dyson said...

hey amy, hope you keep popping into Pippa May Cook. I agree that it's wonderful. She's done well that Pip. Take care xx