31 January, 2008

new things everywhere

I've been doing a lot of illustrating today, mainly in the aim to complete jobs that have seemed to take me forever, but then also making cards to sell, and a small book for my best friend to take with him to London. He leaves tomorrow to live there for at least two years.

I've also been enjoying the rain today. I've watched the light spray of water soak the lawn, and weigh down the trees.

I'll be picking up my new car today, before heading to "Pippa May Cook"... the very new cafe, produce store {opening tomorrow at 719 High Street, Northcote}. The creator of the gorgeous store is Pippa, one of my friends. Chris and I will be popping in to help her label her preserves. After that we'll be heading to Federation Square for a performance by The Glass Percussion Project, a collaborative duo I studied for my honours thesis, comprising of a glass blower and a musician. The results of the fiesty mixture will astound! I can't wait.
Camilla Engman has a beautiful post today about the textures of paper.


louise said...

Hope you had fun picking up your new wheels, and at Pippa May Cook and Fed Square also... so much fun in such a short time frame, how ever did you manage? xo lj

Brydie Dyson said...

Hi LJ, My wonderful adventures zapped all the energy out of Chris and myself but a lovely late night dinner filled us up and took us back on our merry way back to the hills. It was a very fun evening indeed. Hope you're well xx

reb said...

Hi Brydie, I'm the one who bought your "catch me" card the other day-I've decided to frame it it's so beautiful! You have a lovely blog too by the way. I hope to see more of your work.
Best wishes,

Brydie Dyson said...

Hi Rebecca!
Thanks for linking me and publishing a post about my work. That is incredibly flattering. I have some more new cards in at Pippa May Cook if you're interested. Hope to see you there soon. Good luck with your own ventures. xx