18 January, 2008

Feeling out of Pocket

I've decided on my new vehicle, a Honda Jazz, lots of room in the back for all my installation works, and very fuel efficient. Hoorah!
Feeling proud but terrified I placed my deposit today, a new silver manual..... and I've begun learning manual today. Yes, I have possibly left it far too late, but I have mastered up to third gear, and my current weaknesses, apart from not entering the road yet, seem to be my initial beginnings. My heavy-footed habits have me either surging, or stalling. Give me a few more lessons and I'll be fine {please}.

Catching up with friends down at the local bar, for T's 24th birthday, enabled a glimpse of the "Counterfeit Gypsies" and a whale of a time. Much to my earlier negligence, I failed to notice my brother and boyfriend slip beer glasses into my bag. The guilt has worn off finally, and I'm now enjoying the frosted image of a dashing stag in the cusp of my hand.

Delightful family catch-ups were had, before the back-to-work drag, including an exciting spotting of two tawny frog-mouths, camouflaging in the trees around them.

My image does not do the beautiful creatures any justice, as the digital camera was zoomed in, and a binocular lens further capturing the vision. The hazy result is romantic rather than documentary.

I'm about to write my component for an Australian Council arts grant. Wish me luck.


louise said...

So much exciting news...
Best of luck with the grant, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
Tawny frog-mouths! Not one but two... how fantastic.
And a Honda Jazz in silver no less. I've got a manual too. I think the are much more exciting to drive, you can fantasise about being a rally car racer.
xo lj

Brydie Dyson said...

Thanks Louise! We'll be sending the grant off today. Good luck with your motor bike dreaming... hope it comes true for you xx

houseshaunted said...

Oh the infamous glasses of emotional destruction. Goes to show, you shouldn't mix gin with glasses Brydie. A sign to stop drinking Gin. It is the Devils liquor.

Brydie Dyson said...

Hey "houseshaunted".... you should publish more posts on your blog! I'll read them. Are you about for Easter Sunday Joshie? We have a small egg for you and one for Court's too xx