21 June, 2008


Here are a few images of the gorgeous nests that were created for the Northern Exposure arts festival. If you get a chance, the display will still be up in the window of "imagine me" at 271 High Street in Northcote for a week. If you're there you must also peak in the next shop's window. In "Big Dreams" you'll see Al Stark's illustrative sculptural installation. It blew me away. I just wish there was more online information about him to pass onto you!
Have a great weekend.


gracia said...

Doubly keen to make it along, Brydie, now that you have provided a little photographic incentive. I am hoping to make it along early in the week.

Enjoy your weekend, g xo

(Delighted to read that you will accept my tag challenge... oh, and my Mum's exhibition opening last night proved fun and, in my opinion, the work looked super.)

louise said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing your installation. I'll head along with Gracia. Our early week plan didn't work out, but there's always tomorrow. xo lj