13 June, 2008

northern exposure

I'm contributing work again to the Northern Exposure arts festival. This year for the festival component "High Views". I'm collaborating with a gorgeous troop of young women, and a collective titled "People-heart-People". The installation follows the idea of the home, and what we value in it. We have been busy weaving sustainable and recycled nests from cut-offs of plant-life, and industrial materials, following an ancient Australian Indigenous basket-weaving technique that is tragically beginning to be forgotten by younger generations. Indigenous Elder, Aunty Dot taught "People-heart-People" organiser, Emma Power, and Emma taught me. In an effort to keep this tradition alive, we'll be exhibiting our nests along High Street in Northcote for the arts festival from Friday 20th June to Sunday 22nd June. High Street will be blooming with opening night fever on Friday from 6-9pm. Please Come! Check out the website www.northernexposure.org.au

Sorry about there being no picture for this post!


gracia said...

Sounds brilliant... best of luck, g

Brydie Dyson said...

Thanks Grache,
I'm really looking forward to them being finished. In the meantime our fingers will be busy.
Sorry I've been a little negligent towards yours and Louise's blogs. But I understand that you have your own big projects in fruition. Looking forward to seeing the results. Take Care xx

louise said...

Hi there Brydie,
You have many exciting things approaching too. G and I will have to make a little trip around to High Street to check out these nests. xo lj

gracia said...

Hi there Brydie,

All the best for this evening... sorry we wont be able to be there. Tonight my Mum has an opening at bsg.

You're invited - dogs & hares

Wishing I could be in two places at once...

See you soon, g xo

Brydie Dyson said...

Thanks G and L... Good luck to Elaine with her exhibition. I had a peak at her blog, the images look great! Hope tonight goes splendidly for you all.
Speak soon.
P.S- Grache I'd love to respond to your tagging. Thanks for inviting me to do so.
Cheers Girls xx